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Mental IQ Perfume Elixir - Aka Clear Mind

Mental IQ Perfume Elixir was created to increase your creative juices.  The scent provides a feeling of being here and somewhere else in the real of ideas; not in a disconnected kind of way, but in a calm deliberate, clear minded way.

Main Notes:

Spikenard, Labdanum, Rosemary, Sage, Rose.



4 reviews for Mental IQ Perfume Elixir – Aka Clear Mind

  1. Rafael Medina

    Excellent product. I wear it everyday and love it. Lasts forever. It makes me feel centered and sharp.

  2. John

    By far this perfume has give me more compliments than any other…I purchase it to increase my IQ… the compliments and the acute mental awareness makes this a repeat buy

  3. Zuhey

    Praises be to THE MOST HIGH for Mental iQ. I have been using the perfume because I have been suffering from extreme fogginess and as a result slow thinking. Every time I use it, I can immediately feel as if I had taken something internally I am so grateful to be able to work and read without losing focus. I was so foggy that I would have to read and re-read the same 5 or 6 lines to comprehend. I am a true believer in all of the products that I have tried from this line.

  4. Elijah

    I used this for the first time before an important presentation. The scent focused me and helped me to communicate my vision clearly and with power. At my next team meeting, I shared this elixir with my colleagues and we had a deep and productive brainstorming session which we all credited to Mental IQ. The scent has rich notes that seem to awaken all my senses in a calm and energetic way.

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