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Happily Natural Perfume Elixir - eau de parfum

Happily Perfume Elixir formulated to bring out the Happy in your. This is a functional perfume designed to evoke neurotransmitters in your brain. Happily soothes stressed nerves, helps in relieving anxiety for a relaxed happy feeling.

Ingredients: All natural means all natural
Food-grade alcohol, distilled water and essential oils and absolutes.

Key Ingredients

Artemisia Afra
Scent Profile:  Sweet, herbal, narcotic, heady
Health Benefits:  Useful for inflammation, respiratory ailments, circulation.

Scent Profile: Sweet, floral, soothing, calming
Health Benefits: useful for stress, the blues, blood circulation

Peru Balsam:
Scent Profile:  Balsamic, calming
Health Benefits: respiratory ailments



I have always been fascinated by tales of the use of perfume waters or colognes for healing and beautification. For whatever the reason I started getting request to create personalized scents.  Perfumes to deal with anxiety, loneliness, stress, sleeplessness, for someone looking for romance and for whatever fancied the imagination of my clients.  I thought the requests were interesting, but since I love taking on challenges and posses a vivid imagination, I composed the Elixirs. I will share one story with you.  There was a client looking for love.  I composed for him a personalized perfume elixir; a few weeks later he met and later married the love of his life.  He shared with me that the first thing she said to him was I love your scent.  Whether it’s a coincidence or not it does not matter for now.  Maybe the fragrance evoked something in him that changed his body language. He thought it was magical.  I said: “Magic is the name for science not yet understood”.

In ancient times perfume were composed taking into account the beauty of the aromatic materials used and the healing properties that were attributed to the scents.

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2 reviews for Happily Natural Perfume Elixir – eau de parfum

  1. Natalie A

    Natalie A

    Happily Perfume by Damaris Nightingale has changed my life for the better. For 20 years I’ve suffered with neuropathy, chronic pain and insomnia. Peaceful sleep was something I sacrificed because I would wake up in excruciating, indescribable pain. I have been prescribed and used several sleep aids that either didn’t work or had side effects that were so horrible they were not worth taking.

    When my tiredness, fatigue, and exhaustion finally took over my body and I had to sleep it would be in a standing position. When I was introduced to Happily, I didn’t think that it was going to make a difference. After 20 years of prescription medications and OTC I was not optimistic nor excited to try anything new – but I was desperate to experience a restful, painless night of sleep again.
    The first time I used Happily I could feel the tension in my back and neck begin to relax almost immediately. I was in pure shock and amazement, but cautious. The cautiousness wasn’t necessary!! That first night was just the beginning of so many more restful nights. Now with Happily being applied nightly, along with some daily leg exercises, I can get up to 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep actually laying in my bed. That’s a big deal when you’ve become accustomed to not being able to lie down and get a good nights sleep. I’m so grateful for Happily and have only one regret and that’s I wish I had started sooner. I would recommend this potion to everyone in pain or not.

  2. Rosa Menenendez

    Excellent, soft, relaxing and comforting, it is a success when I use it, just the emotional change that emanates from the peace that this perfume produce in me, I use it constantly, but I feel it’s effect more in the morning and after the night bath, I recommend it 💯 percent 🌹.

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