Scented Potions

Detox Cleanse Restore Anti-Inflammation

Formulated to help with Inflammation in the Body

Herbal Tinctures
(Frankincense, Pau
D’Arco, Papaya Leaf,
Dandelion Marshmallow Root,
Cleavers, Blue Vervain)
Homeopathic (Arnica Montana

Suggested Use:

Take 1 dropper full twice daily in approximately 1oz warm water or other beverage. Followed by a full glass of water or healthy juice.

Homeopathic Herbal Tincture



2 reviews for Detox Cleanse Restore Anti-Inflammation

  1. Zuhey (verified owner)

    This product keeps a low grade inflammation in my body at bay. I realized over the last few years that I have been super inflamed which of course has cause me a host of issues. I am in the process of fixing these issues and this formula has been key for me. Of course I couple this and some of the other formulas from Scented Potions (Candida Be Gone, Pretty Liver and Every Woman) with a sensible diet and exercise routine. Will take this formula for life because I can feel and see the difference.

  2. Gina Diaz Uzan

    This product was a miracle treatment for my very painful UTI and I’m happy to report that with one day of taking this product, my pain dropped from a 9 extremely pain to a 3 slight pain. The next day completely gone! I’m amazed and must let everyone know this stuff is for real!

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