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  SNEAKY DEHYDRATION You could be dehydrated and not know it Dehydration can range from mild to severe and it affects the homeostasis of your body. Dehydration can be recognized many times because it could be accompanied by thirst that is not relieved by drinking water. This can be caused by medications, too much caffeine, …


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There are fragrances that take us back and there are fragrances that propel us forward. We may not be fully aware that certain fragrances take us to a “time and place” that came and went; while there are other fragrances that take us to a “time and place” that is yet to come.Fragrances possess the …

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Fragrance is about you

Fragrance is really about how you feel. There have been many times that clients have asked me to create a fragrance that has such and such an effect upon another person. What I always explain is that it’s the way that you feel that changes your tone your vibration that has the effect on others. …

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